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How to chop almonds

Almonds are often referred to as a nut, though, to be more precise, it is drupe. Its shape and size resemble a peach pit. As part of the form he is sweet and bitter. It is eaten in various forms, including salty, fried and fresh. Almonds and became popular as a spice for a variety of dishes and drinks, as he is able to give the dish a more delicate taste and aroma.

How to chop almonds

Instruction how to chop almonds

Step 1:

To give the dish a unique taste of almond, almonds should be cut. Sliced ​​almonds made into cubes, strips, or, more often, thin slices. it is recommended to pre-soak in hot water for cutting plates of almonds. This usually takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 2:

After soaking, you will be able to take off his skin easily. Further, it should be dry, it should be enough for about 30-40 minutes, but can also be left to dry almonds and for a longer time. But do not miss the moment when the almonds are completely dry - in this case, cut it will be difficult and will need re-wetting.

Step 3:

Once the almonds little dry, you can start cutting, using a very well sharpened knife. The smaller and thinner you get chopped almonds, the larger and brighter the flavoring effect. At home, cutting almonds can also use special nozzles for food processor and slicer, and for crushing - blender.

Step 4:

By the way, cutting slices of almonds is very often used for the manufacture of sweets, salads, desserts, delicatessen, cereals, and ice cream. In addition to improving the taste and aromatic properties of food you manufactured, almonds and gives the dish more festive and beautiful views. In the form of jewelry it will look great on baked goods, ice cream and desserts. Cut the petals of almond are perfectly combined with cupcakes, chocolate cookies and desserts any dark colors.