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How to clean the liver from the film

The liver is a very useful byproduct. It is rich in iron, copper, vitamins, contains potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients. Choosing the liver, it is necessary to pay attention to its color: in young animals it has a lighter shade. Better to give preference to such a (lighter) pieces with a minimum of films. Good liver on the cut smooth and moist, has a uniform structure loose and soft. Pretreatment liver for further cooking often includes time consuming step of removing the films and the bile ducts.

How to clean the liver from the film

Instruction on how to clean the liver film

Step 1:

If you purchased a frozen liver, then try to remove her film, not a piece of defrosting. Rather, it should be only slightly defrost, then the process of removing the films will be easy enough. Pre-piece of the liver should be a good wash with water. After final removal of the film and thawing - rinsed again.

Step 2:

If you want to clear from the film cooled the liver, the procedure will be slightly different. Liver wash thoroughly under running cold water. Put it for 2-3 minutes in warm water. Then remove from water and put a piece of liver on a chopping board, on the one hand separate the (crop) a small portion of the film. Put your thumb between the liver and the film and, neatly separating film, remove it from all over the piece.

Step 3:

Some housewives recommended before removing films sprinkled surface of a piece of liver large table salt and gently rub. It also facilitates the process of removing the film from the liver.

Step 4:

If you got a piece of the liver with a large number of large veins, you will have them as much as possible to remove all that they do not violate the delicate structure of the finished dish. In order to clear the veins of the liver, to cut it into smaller pieces by cutting it along the bile ducts and blood vessels. Thus opening the film in the veins, remove, gently separating them from the liver, cutting with a sharp knife.

Step 5:

The following guidelines are to separate the film from porcine liver. Or, put a piece of liver in hot water for 20-30 seconds, or scald it with boiling water. After this procedure the film can be easily separated from the liver manner described above (p. 2).