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How to clean the pig tongue

The older generation considers language, pork or beef, the classic table decoration. He deserves the title of the true delicacy in any form: boiled, aspic, fried, baked, and even smoked. the language of love will never disappear. More surprising is that the secret of its preparation is still the lot of favorites. The most frequent question asked by the young hostess, how to clean pig tongue?

How to clean the pig tongue

You will need:

- pig tongue; - A sharp knife; - cold water.

Instruction how to clean pig tongue

Step 1:

Before the usual cooking pork tongue better soak in water. In its raw form it is virtually impossible to remove the peel, just cut off. This is an option for those who are in a hurry and wants to get rid of the skin beforehand. But along with the skin, you would cut and a decent amount of meat delicacy.

Step 2:

The most optimal way - after cooking, remove the language from the hot water, dip in a bowl of cold water for a few seconds, but not until it is completely cool, and that did not burn his hands, and, under cool running water, gently remove the skin and lift it from the base knife language. The skin comes off easily when the tongue is hot and cold water. Then, it can be a little boil.

Step 3:

If you bake the language in foil or in a package, it should be cleaned after full preparation of the product. After baking, cool little language, and only then remove the skins. It will be quite easy to clean.

Step 4:

With smoked pork tongue skin removed more easily, pry the base of the skin and pull it, removing the stocking.

Step 5:

If the skin is badly scraped, make the language of shallow longitudinal incision and remove the peel in parts. Poor removable skin indicates that the language is not quite boil.