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How to clean the pine nuts

Pine nuts - useful, and many favorite treat. Despite the fact that all used to call them that way, "nuts" are actually not nuts, and seeds of cedar pines, for example, the Siberian cedar pine. The use of pine nuts is great: they are used in allergic diseases, atherosclerosis, immunodeficiency, etc. Getting quite difficult to valuable seed: a nut is located in a strong cone and covered with a hard shell. How to clean the pine nuts?

How to clean the pine nuts

You will need:

Hammer; pliers or any other tools.

Instruction how to clean pine nuts

Step 1:

From ancient times, people have devised special equipment to clean the pine nuts. Before directly extract nut shell, you need to get him out of the cones. To do this, use Peelers, if the work is carried out in small volumes, for example, at home or shishkodrobilku.

Step 2:

Peelers is a wooden device, consisting of two parts - a fixed part and a float on which transverse incisions are made 1.5-2 cm deep. Cones put on the fixed part, it hit the float to bump opened. Then, it is placed between the working parts Peelers and fray.

Step 3:

Shishkodrobilki are manual and mechanical. The bumps are crushed by rotating the drum with iron nails or pins arranged on it. The cones are clamped between the pins and the walls of the device, which leads to their breakage.

Step 4:

Now, after the nuts are extracted from the cones, still clear them from the shell.

Step 5:

In industries where clean pine nuts occurs in large quantities, special devices are used, for example, a cone crusher. Pre-dried nuts and then placed in the machine, which produced mechanical destruction of the shell. destruction mechanism is a housing in which a rotating shaft is attached with an elastic coating and frame with a working surface and a screw for adjusting the gap. Peeled kernel directly eliminated from the shell for cleaning. Also, there are technologies in which the shell is broken, for example, under pressure.

Step 6:

If you need to clean the small amount of pine nuts at home, you can use a simple way. For example, you can crush the shells Mangler for garlic or pliers, to split a small hammer. In the case at hand did not have anything suitable, you can just chew pine nut teeth. However, this method is suitable only holders only strong teeth.