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How to clean the pink salmon

From that, how do you clean the pink salmon, depends ultimately the presentation of prepared dishes. Those to whom this point is important, try to tamper with the knife according to the rules confirmed culinary experience.

How to clean the pink salmon

Instruction how to clean the pink salmon

Step 1:

Defrost fish. The best option - Put her in the evening from the freezer to the refrigerator. The next morning salmon will be ready for cutting. Acceptable fish left for several hours at room temperature. It melted on top, and inside will be frozen. Pink salmon is not fully thawed much easier to carve.

Step 2:

Peel the skin from the fish scales. To do this, take the pink salmon by the tail and ordinary or a special knife make jerky movements towards the head. Scales will act without any effort.

Step 3:

Finished brushing, rinse well with fish. Always in the running water. If salmon unskinned, then gently remove the insides. For this purpose, the abdomen cut from the base of the head to the tail. Then, remove the insides with eggs or milk, blood clots in the part of the abdomen, which is located along the spine. This blood can taste bitter in the dish. Attention! Do not damage the gallbladder. In the event that trouble has occurred, the contents of the gallbladder got on the meat, then gently scrape off the bile with a knife and carefully wash the place of contact.

Step 4:

Click to remove the gills. It is an essential part, because the gills give the unpleasant taste of the broth. Their kitchen scissors cut or ripped arms, trauma does not happen, because they are relatively soft. It is also recommended to remove the eye. After the operation, with gills and eyes, wash again pink. Cut out the fins.

Step 5:

Pink salmon is easy to cut in fillets. Separate the skin around the head and then make a cut along the back. Keeping one hand on the head with the other hand remove the meat part. She immediately separated from the bones manipulation Repeat with the second half. Now, with a sharp knife, cut the fillets with the skin. Your salmon is ready for further preparation, according to the selected recipe.