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How to clean the quail eggs

Quail eggs - a great product. They are not only useful, safe, and tasty. Moreover, they can be consumed in any form in boiled and fried as in pickled and in cheese. However, many housewives are concerned about how to properly clean the small balls from the shell.

How to clean the quail eggs

Instruction how to clean quail eggs

Step 1:

Raw eggs are not required to be cleaned, that is enough of them to split into two halves with a knife and pour the contents into a pan or dish required. Either quail eggs in the use of raw flip spoon at one end, remove the shells fragments, breaking through podskorlupnuyu film and pour the contents into a glass egg or just drink it.

Step 2:

Quail hard-boiled egg, a little note in his hand. Since cockleboat quail eggs is quite thin, break and crumble, it will be nice and smooth. However plenochkoj remove the shell from the egg as a stocking in one step.

Step 3:

If you want to honor a large number of boiled eggs, put them in a deep enamel or glass cookware. Completely fill with 9% ethyl vinegar. Wait 10 minutes, with the eggs come pigment film, quail eggs turn white, and after 30-50 minutes, and the shell does completely dissolved, and the eggs will only podskorlupnoy film. Rinse the eggs in boiling water and cook one dish required. Vinegar can be replaced by citric acid. 3 tbsp. spoon dry citric acid is dissolved in a glass of water. And place the quail eggs in it.

Step 4:

To honor the quail eggs in the traditional way, before cooking from one end of a needle gently pierce each. After cooking, put into cold water for 10 minutes, then as clean eggs.