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How to Cook a casserole with tomatoes

Juicy Tomato - one of the universal products, combined with almost any ingredients. Prepare tomato casserole can be with cheese, mushrooms or meat and hot peppers. They are equally well overlap with slices of salmon or vegetable notes in the dish. Among the variety of flavor combinations you can pick exactly what will be perfectly in harmony with the rest of the dishes on the table.

How to Cook a casserole with tomatoes

You will need:

tomatoes - 1 kg; cheese "Dutch" - 100 g; cheese "Emmental" - 100 g; cheese "Maasdam" - 100 g; Dried olive grass - 30 g; almonds - 100 g; cream - 150 ml; garlic - 5 cloves; salt largest sea; Marinated olives, pitted - 130 g Kitchen appliances and utensils: Form for baking; earthenware mortar and pestle; a coarse grater; knife; board for cutting vegetables.

Instruction how to cook a casserole with tomatoes

Step 1:

Baked tomatoes cook from ripe fruit, rotten spots. Before cooking, wash tomatoes in clean running water and problanshiruyte few seconds. With scalded fruits sharp long knife, remove the peel. Peeled tomatoes cut into large round slices of thickness not less than a centimeter.

Step 2:

Baking dish wash and dry in Ovens. Slices of tomatoes lay a dense layer and sprinkle with sea salt. Dutch cheese grate on top of the tomatoes. Vegetable casserole with tomatoes should be layered. Cheese season dried Provencal herbs, pour the cream.

Step 3:

Arrange a second layer of tomatoes, season with salt. In a mortar grind almonds with salt and garlic and cover with a mixture of spicy tomatoes. "Emmental" grate so that it is completely closed layer of tomatoes and nuts. Dishes of cheese and tomatoes go perfectly with almonds and garlic.

Step 4:

Spread a third layer of tomatoes, salt and randomly scatter olives. Top rub the final layer of cheese "Maasdam" dry season with Provencal herbs and pour the remaining cream.

Step 5:

Baked tomatoes send in broiler twenty minutes. The average oven temperature should not be below two hundred degrees. Once the top layer is covered with a crust - layered tomato casserole ready. Baked tomatoes with cheese and nuts served on a table in a flat plate on the leaves of a young, crisp lettuce. Among drinks to offer casserole chilled juice or natural juice.