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How to cook a delicious pancake cake

Pancakes - traditional Russian cuisine. There are many different recipes of pancakes. If you love and know how to cook pancakes, but want to try something new, then cook a delicious pancake cake.

How to cook a delicious pancake cake

You will need:

milk - 300 ml .; egg - 3 pcs .; water - 300 ml .; sunflower oil - 4 tbsp sugar - 5 tbsp .; flour - 250 g .; sour cream - 1 tbsp .; nonfat cottage cheese - 500 g .; nuts - 300 g; condensed milk - 70 g boiled condensed milk - 1 bank; cinnamon and salt; vanilla sugar; strawberries, raspberries, mint leaves; Chocolate - 100 g; powdered sugar.


For the preparation of delicious pancakes cake is necessary to prepare the foundation - pancakes. Therefore, knead the dough to bake 10-15 pancakes.

In a bowl pour the milk, water, break the eggs, add the sour cream, sugar, a pinch of salt. To pancakes were removed from the pan well and does not stick, pour batter in sunflower oil. In other deep bowl sift the flour. Now slowly add the liquid mixture into the bowl with the flour and stir whisk to avoid lumps.

 Pancake cake with curd cream

Low-fat cottage cheese mixed with condensed milk, add a pinch of ground cinnamon, a pinch of salt and 0.5 teaspoons of vanilla sugar. All the mix.  

On heated pan add a little butter and bake pancakes. Pancakes bake on either side. When the desired number of pancakes will be ready, take a deep round baking dish. Lubricating the top layer in each pancake curd cream, add them to each other and placed in a mold.

Preheat oven to 200 degrees and set to form a pancake cake for 10 minutes. Before serving, decorate the cake with fresh strawberries, cut in half, whole raspberries, mint leaves and sprinkle top with powdered sugar.

Pancake cake with condensed milk and nuts

This option pancake cake is very simple and requires no baking. At banks with condensed milk remove the paper label condensed milk and cook for about about 1 hour over medium heat. Then you need a can of condensed milk cool. Nuts finely chopped with a knife. Lubricate each pancake caramelized milk, sprinkle with nuts. Before serving, the top pancake cake grease with condensed milk, nuts and decorate with grated chocolate.