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How to cook a pizza in Aerogrill

Pizza has long been a favorite dish of many people. You can order ready-made pizza, you can buy a cake mix and heat, and can be cooked at home by yourself. Cooking pizza can be in the oven, in the microwave oven, but you can in Aerogrill.

How to cook a pizza in Aerogrill

You will need:

flour; yeast; egg; water; spices and salt; granulated sugar; sausage or cooked sausage; cheese; a tomato; crab meat; shrimp (mussels); base for pizza.

Instruction how to cook a pizza in Aerogrill

Step 1:

In order to cook a pizza in Aerogrill, first you need to prepare the dough for it. Take the dough: two teaspoons of dry yeast, flour - 240 grams, 80 milliliters of warm water, one egg, a little sugar, butter - 25 grams. For the filling you will need: 150 grams of cheese (grated can be already finished), a pack of crab meat, peeled cooked shrimp - 120 grams, you can add canned mussels, mild ketchup - 100 grams, green.

Step 2:

Start to cook the dough. Take the sugar and add the yeast. Add the warm water and stir. Leave a little stand. Once bubbles begin to appear, add oil, egg and flour. All mix well. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin (and can be hand) to get the circle. Place it on a baking sheet, pre-greased. The edges of the circle a little lift. Dough evenly lubricate ketchup. Then lay out the filling layers. The first layer - crab meat, then - shrimp (mussels). Sprinkle with grated cheese. Garnish with herbs. Bake in Aerogrill at high lattice about twenty minutes at 220 degrees.

Step 3:

You can ease the process of making pizza at home. Buy a basis for pizza. They are sold chilled or frozen. Another cook: one tomato, two sausage or cooked sausage, canned corn floor banks, cheese - 150 grams, ketchup and greens. Take the pizza base and place it on a baking sheet. Grease ketchup. Sausage and tomatoes cut into slices, arranged in regular layers. On top, add the corn and sprinkle with grated cheese and chopped herbs. Bake at high grating Aerogrill twenty minutes at 220 degrees. Pizza get crispy and very appetizing.