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How to cook a real pea soup

Pea soup - a delicious first course, which is being prepared on the pork or beef broth. Due to the large amount of proteins and carbohydrates contained in the basic ingredients, this soup is a hearty and nutritious product.

How to cook a real pea soup

You will need:

water - 5 l; Smoked pork ribs - 500 g; peas - 1 cup; Onion - 1 pc; Carrots - 1 pc; potatoes - 300 g; vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. l; parsley; salt and black pepper to taste; allspice - 3 pea; bay leaf - 1 pc.

Instruction how to cook a real pea soup

Step 1:

Choose peas. For the cooking of this pea soup purchase peas, which is divided into halves. On the palate, it is no different from the whole, but it is cooked much faster, significantly save time cooking.

Step 2:

Prepare the main ingredient. Go through peas, saving him from possible debris or substandard peas. Then fill with water and thoroughly wash his hands, changing the water several times. After this soak the pea in a small amount of water per hour.

Step 3:

Boil the broth. Fill the ribs with cold water and put on fire. Once the water starts to boil and the foam will form, be sure to remove it carefully, otherwise the soup will unappetizing.

Step 4:

Make zazharku. While the broth is cooked, clean the onions, carrots and finely chop them. Red-hot frying pan, pour into it a little bit refined sunflower oil and arrange the vegetables. Then reduce the heat on the stove and sauté chopped vegetables until then, until they become golden brown. Then place them on a plate, separating the excess oil.

Step 5:

Cook the soup. Remove the broth from the cooked ribs and place them on a plate so that they cooled down a bit. In the broth, add the peas, and after 20 minutes - peeled and diced potatoes. Once the potatoes are relatively mild, salt to taste the broth and add the previously fried vegetables.

Step 6:

Separate the meat from the bones and ribs cut into small pieces. When the soup is almost ready, add the meat.

Step 7:

Ready pea soup pepper, roll to 2-3 pea allspice, and lower for a few minutes bay leaf. Fill the finely chopped parsley and cover. After 10 minutes, during which time the soup infusions and will be even more delicious, it can serve.