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How to cook biscuits in the form of

There are special heavy and thick-walled cast iron mold with a long handle, which is preparing a very tasty and beautiful cookies on the plate. The most common form is "nuts", "mushrooms", "wafer", "Olympic bear". It is possible to prepare such a pastry with various fillings.

How to cook biscuits in the form of

You will need:

200 g of margarine; 100-150 g of flour; 4 eggs; slaked soda pinch of salt; 150 g of sugar.

Instruction how to cook biscuits in the form of

Step 1:

Margarine put in an enamel pot small, which put on medium heat. Wait until the margarine is completely melted, then remove the pan from the heat. In the future it will be required during preparation as such, but, cooled to room temperature.

Step 2:

Separately, beat the eggs with salt. The best thing to do household electric mixer. Whisking for about three minutes until you get to the mass thickens, an increase in volume in two or three times.

Step 3:

Continue beating (about four minutes) after each addition of ingredients: sugar, slaked soda. As a result, thick and viscous mixture should turn out.

Step 4:

The last add the melted margarine - it should pour a thin stream, stirring constantly test - and flour. After a final mixing, the dough should resemble the consistency of sour cream on.

Step 5:

Pour this batter into the mold in the approximate amount of one dessert spoon into each well (if it is a form of "mushrooms" or "nuts"). Close the form and press down firmly so that the dough is baked spread out across the surface.

Step 6:

Just flip to the other side. Propekite about 30-45 seconds, and then turn. Always turn over your form so that uniformly propech cookies on both sides. Total cooking time is about 1-2 minutes. When checking on the readiness guided by the color of baked.

Step 7:

If you do the "nuts" with stuffing, then after step 6 cool the resulting cookies, divide with a knife on the "shells". Fill each half cream and connect them to the whole "nuts."