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How to cook chicken broth

Chicken soup has long been considered treatment - often in classical books can be read as it is recommended as a remedy for colds and other diseases. It was believed that it helps to strengthen health and rejuvenate. Of course, medicine has advanced greatly over the past hundred years, but the correct cooked chicken broth remains as tasty and healthy.

How to cook chicken broth

You will need:

Chicken clean water seasoning to taste.

Instruction how to cook chicken broth

Step 1:

Choose chicken, from which are going to cook the broth. For the broth is best to choose a broiler. When you select it, pay attention to the legs - it is better to choose the order in which they are fleshy. If skinny legs and blue, do not take the chicken. The fact that such a chicken after cooking will still be very tight, and the broth will not work navaristym.Horoshy broth can come from any part of the chicken, but ideally the best cook the whole carcass - then the stock will be nourishing, greasy and very tasty.

Step 2:

Put the chicken in the pan and cover with cold water. Try not to use the cooking water from the tap - though it is quite a long time to boil, it does not guarantee the disappearance of all the harmful substances and disease-causing bacteria. In addition, the taste of the broth is not the one. Better to use filtered or bottled water.

Step 3:

Wait until the water boils. On the surface of the foam to stand out, which must necessarily be removed, otherwise the soup will taste completely spoiled. If the foam has fallen, and you do not have time to take it off, add into the pot a little bit of cold water or throw an ice cube - foam rises to the surface.

Step 4:

Continue to cook until done. To check availability, pierce the chicken with a fork. If it comes easy, so the meat is cooked. However, the longer you cook the chicken, the broth will richness.