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How to cook chicken with buckwheat

Chicken stuffed with some barley - is one of the most nourishing dishes. It combines the right and side dish and a meat dish. One of the recipes of the dishes is chicken stuffed with buckwheat. When baking the stuffing impregnated with chicken fat and it becomes very delicious.

How to cook chicken with buckwheat

You will need:

chicken weighing 1.5 kg 150 g buckwheat 200 g chicken livers 2 onions 4-5 strips of bacon mayonnaise salt pepper spices for chicken oil for frying

Instruction how to cook chicken with buckwheat

Step 1:

Wash the chicken thoroughly and pat dry it. Then rub with salt, pepper and spices, put in a bag and store in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf to marinate for six hours. Since the pickling process is very long to cook dinner marinate the chicken is better in the morning.

Step 2:

Take 150 g of buckwheat and iterate through it carefully so as not to come across debris and stones. Buckwheat pour into a colander and rinse well under running water. In a small saucepan, boil the barley in salted water until half cooked state.

Step 3:

200 g chicken livers, wash and fold in a colander to water glass. Clear from the husk of the two onions and cut into medium-sized cubes. Pour into the pan a little vegetable oil and fry the chopped onion in it and the chicken livers, a little salt. Roast, stirring constantly, under the hood for five minutes, but no more, until half the liver.

Step 4:

Roasted chicken liver lay on a chopping board and cut. For buckwheat, add chopped onion and chopped liver. Very carefully mix all.

Step 5:

From the refrigerator, remove the marinated chicken and buckwheat nafarshiruyte its weight, while tightly tamping hand. Packed full of the carcass on all sides by dense brush with mayonnaise. Since chicken is a long time to prepare, so as not to overheat it gentle peel, it is recommended to cover the strips of bacon.

Step 6:

Preheat the oven to a temperature of 180 degrees. Bake the chicken for forty minutes, after this time, remove the bacon and cook for approximately fifty minutes until crisp and golden brown. Cooked stuffed chicken, cut lengthwise, lay on the plate garnish, slice the chicken on the usual way.