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How to cook eggs

Eggs - widely used in cooking the product. They are used as a separate dish, Snack, second and desserts, dough products. Cook the eggs for breakfast - a simple and hearty dish that does not require much time.

How to cook eggs

You will need:

Fried eggs: egg; salt; vegetable oil. Whipped eggs 3 eggs; 1 tbsp. l. butter; 2 tablespoons milk; salt.

Instruction how to cook eggs

Step 1:

Fried eggs in a frying pan Heat the vegetable oil.

Step 2:

Break the shell of the egg over the plate. This should be done carefully, taking care not to break the yolk membrane. Carefully release the contents of the egg in a bowl. This will help you ensure the freshness of the eggs, and avoid falling into the frying pan and into the prepared dish shell fragments.

Step 3:

Pour the contents of the plates on the heated pan. Salt the egg.

Step 4:

Keep the pan with an egg over medium heat for 2-3 minutes. Then put it on for 3-4 minutes in the preheated oven. If the oven is not present, a pan with fried eggs on the frying time necessary to cover. Fried eggs will be ready when the protein becomes milky white.

Step 5:

Serve eggs on the table as a separate dish or side dish. As a side dish you can use fried sausages, frankfurters, sausages, lard, black bread, mushrooms or tomatoes.

Step 6:

Whipped eggs Melt butter in a small saucepan.

Step 7:

Beat the egg shells over the plate, make sure they are fresh and place them in a saucepan. There also pour the milk and whisk with a fork all good. Season with salt to taste the contents of the pan.

Step 8:

Place the pot over medium heat and cook its contents, stirring constantly all the wooden spoon.

Step 9:

Remove the pan from the heat at the time when the eggs will turn into a liquid "slurry". Stir them in a pan for 1-2 minutes and place on a plate.

Step 10:

Serve the whipped eggs on the table with croutons of white bread, fried bacon, sausages, boiled meat. As a side dish you can use boiled green beans, seasoned butter peas, fried mushrooms in sour cream sauce, fresh tomatoes or fried. Bon Appetit!