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How to cook fish in a marinade

Snacks and meals of fish - a characteristic feature of Russian cuisine, which has many original recipes, designed for all tastes. Try one of them - prepare the fish in the marinade.

How to cook fish in a marinade

You will need:

1 kg of sea fish; 3 tablespoons flour 3 tablespoons vegetable oil for frying; green beam (dill parsley). For the marinade: 1-2 carrots; 2 onion bulbs; 1 small piece of celery root; 2 tablespoons tomato paste; 2 tablespoons vegetable oil; Bay leaf; black pepper; salt sugar to taste; a glass of boiled water; 2 tablespoons vinegar (6%).

Instruction how to cook the fish in the marinade

Step 1:

For this recipe will suit any frozen or chilled saltwater fish: hake, cod, grouper, mackerel, mackerel, etc. Gut it, remove the head and fins, repeatedly rinse thoroughly with cold water. Then to cut the carcass into fillets without bones and skin and cut into pieces (at the rate of two slices per serving).

Step 2:

Prepare the marinade for fish. To do this, clean the vegetables and cut: carrots and celery - thin strips, onion - half rings. All add up in a saucepan or deep frying pan, pour two tablespoons of vegetable oil and preheat over medium heat for 10-12 minutes. Then add in the pan two tablespoons of tomato paste, one glass of water, sugar and salt to taste, a few peas black pepper, two or three bay leaves. Simmer another 6-7 minutes under the lid, and then dissolve two tablespoons of vinegar.

Step 3:

Pieces of fish fillet roll on both sides in flour and fry until cooked in a pan with hot oil. Combine roasted in a separate container, fill it with hot prepared marinade and leave for one hour.

Step 4:

Bunch of parsley or dill, wash and chop finely. Arrange the fish fillets on plates and sprinkle with herbs. Garnish cook boiled or baked potatoes grilled. The fish in tomato marinade can bring to the table and warm and chilled.