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How to cook in the microwave croutons

It is believed that dried bread is much better than a fresh, easy to digest and taste even surpasses it. Crackers can not dry unless very lazy. After all, do it quickly and easily. Dry crackers are different ways: the sun, even in the oven and in a microwave oven. So rusks recipe in the microwave.

How to cook in the microwave croutons

You will need:

black or white bread; sunflower oil - 2 tbsp .; Salt - to taste seasoning.

Instruction how to cook in the microwave croutons

Step 1:

Cut the bread into cubes or slices. On crackers usually goes stale bread, but make sure that it was not moldy or had a rancid smell of storage in the package. Crackers can be drier and fresh bread. Finely cut bread salad, large - for soups.

Step 2:

Place the sliced ​​bread on a platter, designed for the microwave oven. Drizzle with oil, sprinkle with your favorite seasoning and salt generously. You can add dried or fresh crushed garlic and goat cheese. Good crackers are obtained with paprika, with burning red peppers, croutons for salads can be sprinkled with seasoning for chicken grill.

Step 3:

It is advisable to cover the plate of a special cover for microwave ovens, or a simple paper napkin. Put a plate of bread in the microwave and turn it to the maximum power in the cooking mode (900W). After 2 minutes, turn the croutons and turn for another 2 minutes.

Step 4:

Remove from the microwave and allow to cool breadcrumbs. Fast food is ready.

Step 5:

Crackers should not be stored in the package. If you have made a very oily croutons, Pour them into a glass jar, tightly cover and refrigerate. Dried biscuits (with little or no oil) can be stored in a wooden bowl with a wooden lid. Do not store the biscuits for more than 1 month. Like bread, they can go rancid or dampen.

Step 6:

Rusks should be served instead of bread to soups and sauces. This appetizer perfect for tea instead of cakes. Quite convenient to take crackers camping, expedition, flight or long journey. As well as dried bread is indispensable for therapeutic purposes, such as indigestion. Crispy croutons help the weakened stomach back to work as usual and recover after suffering poisoning.