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How to cook in the oven for hedgehogs

The combination of minced meat and rice has long been a tradition and is called "hedgehogs". These meatballs, thanks to a grain of rice is really similar to the aggressive hedgehog, popular because of the simplicity of the recipe and its relative dietichnosti. Make the hedgehogs of minced meat even more useful help them cooking in the oven.

How to cook in the oven for hedgehogs

You will need:

chopped meat; rice; Spice salt. sour cream or broth.

Instruction how to cook in the oven for hedgehogs

Step 1:

To prepare the stuffing of hedgehogs need meat. You can cook the stuffing yourself or buy a ready-made, but in this case it must be remembered that the minced beef is dry enough, so it is desirable to further scroll through a few pieces of bacon or a mix of beef and pork.

Step 2:

Since hedgehogs are prepared in the oven for a few different recipe than being steamed in water or sauce, the rice for stuffing, you must first boil for 10 minutes. During this time, corn will soften the shell, but do not have time to boil completely, which will accelerate the process of making meatballs of minced meat and rice in the oven.

Step 3:

When the beef is ready, you need to mix it with rice, which is taken in the proportions of 1 to 5. If the rice is too much in the process of swelling does not turn out hedgehogs with meat and rice porridge with meat. In order to not lose the form of meatballs, stuffing can to add one egg. Stuffing should be stir until smooth consistency, otherwise meatballs rice is not distributed evenly.

Step 4:

From the resulting mince roll balls of the same size and place them on a baking sheet, greased. The distance between them may be minimal, as the figure has already been partially steam and meatballs will not radically change the size.