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How to cook Korean dishes

Korean food - is not only delicious, but also very economical. The principle of the Korean table, as well, any Asian - a wide variety of snacks that are accompanied by one or two large meals. It turns out very nicely, in addition, you can be sure that no visitor will not go hungry. The secret - in snacks!

How to cook Korean dishes

You will need:

For stuffed eggplant with ginger: 1 kg eggplant; 400 grams of pork; 70 g of lard; 70 g flour; 70 g of starch; 7 eggs; 35 g of soy sauce; 70 grams of vodka; 35 grams of vegetable oil; 70 g of fresh ginger; 75 g onions; 15 g green onions. For kimchi young cabbage and radish 1 kg young cabbage; 1 kg young radish; 400 g of parsley; 60 g green onions; 30 grams of garlic; 40 grams of red pepper powder; 20 g of wheat flour; 60 g salt. For red cabbage kimchi: 1 kg of red cabbage; 45 grams of vegetable oil; 1 bay leaf; 200 g of carrots; 30 grams of garlic; 160 g of parsley; 70 g of vinegar; salt.

Instruction how to cook Korean dishes

Step 1:

Stuffed eggplant with pork imbiremNarezhte flesh without fat into very small pieces. The refined mass add egg whites, soy sauce, rice vodka, sesame oil, minced ginger, onions, and mix thoroughly.

Step 2:

Wash eggplants, peel, remove seeds and cut into circles of 5 mm thick. Sliced ​​eggplant spread out on two discs: one put cooked minced meat, and the other cover. Stuffed eggplant roll in flour, dip in beaten egg, mixed with starch, pre-diluted with cold water 1: 1, and fry on both sides in a strongly heated frying pan with a small amount of fat.

Step 3:

Transfer the eggplant into another pan and cover. Keep on low heat until the liquid has evaporated.

Step 4:

Kimchi of young cabbage and cabbage redkiOchistite from wilted leaves and stalks, cut into strips 5-6 cm. Radish cut in the form of willow leaves of the same size as the cabbage, chop the onion, garlic, chop, cabbage and sprinkle radish colyu. We only take the parsley stems, rinse, cut into pieces 4-5 cm and sprinkle lightly with salt.

Step 5:

Mix the cabbage, radish and parsley, season them with pepper, garlic, onion, salt, mix well and place in a container for salting. Prepare the brine for kimchi: dissolve in water, wheat flour, boil, cool, add salt according to taste. The resulting brine, pour the vegetables, kimchi of young cabbage and radish will be ready in a day or two.

Step 6:

Kimchi from red cabbage Cut the large cabbage, carrots finely cut into slices, add the cabbage. Chop the garlic and parsley. Prepare the brine: boil 50 ml of water, 35 g sugar, 45 g of vegetable oil, one bay leaf and salt, then pour the vinegar into it. The resulting brine, pour the cabbage, cover bowl with cheesecloth and leave the room for 3 days, then place in the refrigerator.