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How to cook lean foods

Observe the post does not mean to give up tasty food, you can cook a variety of dishes that will please home. The recipe of this pie is taken from the Russian monastery kitchen. Those who fast and loves cakes with mushrooms, this option will certainly have to taste.

How to cook lean foods

You will need:

• Flour - 1 kg may need a little more; • Vegetable oil - 1 cup; • Warm water - 2 cups; • Salt - 1 tsp. • Yeast - 50 g; For the filling: • Buckwheat - 500 g; • Dried mushrooms - 50 g; • Onions - 3 heads; • Salt - to taste. For frying: • Vegetable oil - 100 ml. To grease the pie: • Up to baking -2 tablespoons strong tea; • After baking - 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Instruction how to cook lean foods

Step 1:

Dissolve the yeast in 0.5 cups of warm water. Knead lean yeast dough, cover it with a cloth or a towel and put in a warm place for the dough well wander. With good yeast, this process is very intense, so make sure that the dough is not escaped. During the fermentation time necessary to at least twice its obmyat.

Step 2:

Once the dough has risen, divide it into two parts. Roll out one portion of a layer thickness of approximately 1 cm, then transfer it to the pan, previously greased. Plast, level and primnogo hands so that the test was closed the entire tray and its edges.

Step 3:

To prepare the filling, you need to go through buckwheat, a little dry in the pan, pour in a clay pot, pour boiling water and put in the oven, covered with a lid. Bake until done such a mess (15-20 minutes).

Step 4:

Dried mushrooms soak in cold water for a time from 2 to 4 hours, and then, in the same water cook them until done (that is, until they sink to the bottom). Boiled mushrooms, pour into a colander and rinse thoroughly under running water. Next, you need to cut into strips and fry them in vegetable oil. The next step is roasting chopped onion until golden brown.

Step 5:

Mix the ingredients ready, add richness to the strained through cheesecloth mushroom broth and lay evenly on the baking sheet, the laid a layer of dough.

Step 6:

The second piece of dough roll thinner - a little less than a centimeter. Cover them blank, spread out on a baking sheet and filled with stuffing, gently zaschepit weld and bend it to the bottom.

Step 7:

Pierce cake with a fork in several places to go out in the baking steam, and finally the finished product grease strong tea.

Step 8:

Bake cake until ready in the oven at 180 degrees. Once the cake is baked, grease it with vegetable oil!