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How to cook marinated fish

Marinated fish is usually served on a table with cold snacks. The dish is prepared from large and from small fish, and if you do not like poking around in thin bones, make this an appetizer of fish fillets.

How to cook marinated fish

You will need:

fish fillet (500 gh); flour (3 tbsp.); vegetable oil is odorless; carrots (3 pieces); onions (4 pieces); tomato paste (4 tbsp.); Carnation (6 stuff); salt and pepper; sugar to taste; 9% vinegar (1 tbsp.); bay leaf (2 pieces).

Instruction how to cook marinated fish

Step 1:

Place the fish fillets on a cutting board. Cut it into small pieces. Mix in a bowl the general flour with salt.

Step 2:

Put on strong heating pan with vegetable oil. Oil should be poured generously, then immediately grab fish crust, but inside it will remain juicy and tender.

Step 3:

Spread on a large plate or board paper towel, folded in two layers. Paper absorbs excess oil from the fried fish.

Step 4:

Roll the fillet pieces in flour and immediately put in a boiling oil. Fish fried very quickly, so do not hold it for a long time in a frying pan, quickly pull out and turn the shovel on the towel.

Step 5:

Transfer the fried fish in a beautiful container in which you will serve the dish on the table, so that later you do not shift the finished food.

Step 6:

Prepare the carrots and onions. Wash and clean the carrots, cut it into fine strips or grate. Onions chop as you like, you can cut it into small pieces, and you can - sectors or transparent rings.

Step 7:

Put the chopped vegetables in heated oil. Slightly fry with constant stirring. When the carrots and onion juice will start up, add to skillet tomato paste, pepper, cloves, bay leaf. Stir and leave for 10 minutes, put out under the lid closed.

Step 8:

Pour into the pan a glass of water, salt, and sweeten the marinade, add the vinegar and then another 5 minutes. Taste, if you are satisfied, then pour the hot marinade fried fish and place in refrigerator to infuse. They taste best dish will be the next day.

Step 9:

Instead of vinegar, you can use lemon juice. For the spicy sharpness in the marinade add fresh herbs and grated on a coarse grater pickles.