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How to cook meatballs morel

May - time of the first attacks on the "quiet hunt", the collection of fragrant spring morels. Even if mushroomer not too lucky and hike into the forest after the "winter of stagnation" ended only pleasant impressions from a walk in the fresh air and harvest a dozen mushrooms, you can please yourself fragrant and delicious dish. Try to cook meatballs morel and serve them with a garnish of fried potato.

How to cook meatballs morel

You will need:

- 7-10 morels; - Dill - garlic clove; - Cup sour cream; - Seasonings and spices to taste; - a piece of bread; - 0.5 eggs; - Onions; - Crumbs for breading; - Vegetable oil for frying.

Instruction how to cook burgers morel

Step 1:

Prepare a cream sauce for meatballs morel. For this very finely chop bunch of dill, squeeze using chesnokodavilku garlic clove and mix everything with a glass of sour cream. Add salt to taste, pepper and your favorite seasoning, then put the sauce to infuse in the refrigerator compartment.

Step 2:

Go through the harvest, clean it from the forest litter and thoroughly wash raw material in tap water. To prepare meatballs morel, be sure to pre-boil the mushrooms, boil them for 20 minutes. Then fold in a colander and drain off any moisture.

Step 3:

Scroll morels (6-10 pieces) in a meat grinder, along with a slice of bread otmochennogo. In the resulting mince add half a raw egg.

Step 4:

Finely chop a small head of onions and fry in vegetable oil. Connect passerovannym mushrooms with vegetable and carefully Stir the resulting mixture until smooth.

Step 5:

Form meatballs morel and roll in crushed crackers. Roast the workpiece in refined sunflower oil on both sides until golden brown. The finished dish was served with a potato garnish and cream sauce.