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How to cook meatloaf

The main advantage over other meat rolls of minced meat dishes, such as cutlets, is that they are unusual, but their preparation process takes a lot of time and does not require such effort.

How to cook meatloaf

You will need:

chopped meat; Products for stuffing; salt; pepper; foil.

Instruction how to cook meatloaf

Step 1:

Select beef for the meatloaf. The best option for this dish is a mixture of lean beef and pork, in a proportion of about 50 to 50, since the first is too hard, and the second one is too fat. For the production of small rolls you need 500-600 grams of meat tangled.

Step 2:

Add the minced salt and black pepper to taste, mix thoroughly it. Pomarinovatsya Leave for a few minutes.

Step 3:

Take for filling rolls. You can select any products that combine well with meat. Here are some options: sauté carrots, fried onion, filled with egg, mushrooms and bell pepper.

Step 4:

Roll out the foil and place a small square piece on the table.

Step 5:

Put the stuffing in the entire foil. Form a square out of it, make sure that the layer thickness was about the same.

Step 6:

Put the stuffing on a layer of minced meat, spread evenly, leave the perimeter of 2 cm minced uncovered.

Step 7:

Pull the edge closest to you foil, gently shape the inner curl hands. Lifting and pulling the foil away, roll up the whole roll. Smooth out the side edges to the filling falls out.

Step 8:

Completely wrap the foil roll, the juice from it did not follow the shape of the baking pan.

Step 9:

Put in shape with a heated roll at 180 ° C oven for 20 minutes.

Step 10:

Cut or spread the foil so that the roll was in the original container and the liquid does not leak. Scoop a tablespoon of minced meat juice released from the, pour them a top surface of meat delicacies. And repeating this every 2-3 minutes for an hour. Thanks to this Swiss roll image of a beautiful baked crust.

Step 11:

Cut the finished roll into pieces 2-3 cm, spread on plates. This dish is also a good snack when to serve it cold.