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How to cook pancakes from sour milk

Pancakes - ancient Russian dish. It has long been prepared and their poor and rich families. Basis for pancakes can be completely different: fresh and sour milk, kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk or even beer. Fry can be thin lacy pancakes and thick spongy pancakes. There are many options for filling stuffing pancakes. Try to cook pancakes from sour milk and pamper their pet.

How to cook pancakes from sour milk

You will need:

0.5 liters of sour milk; 3 eggs; 2 tablespoons sugar; 2 tablespoons of starch; 2 tablespoons vegetable oil; 0.5 teaspoons of salt; 0.5 teaspoons of soda; 8 tablespoons of flour.

Instruction how to make pancakes from sour milk

Step 1:

In sour milk, add egg, salt, sugar and stir until smooth.

Step 2:

In the resulting mass Stir in the soda, stir thoroughly. To prepare the pancakes from sour milk soda to extinguish vinegar is not necessary, it will make lactic acid.

Step 3:

In a separate bowl, mix the sifted flour and starch. Enter the mixture into the dough, mix the flour until the complete disappearance of lumps. Pour batter into the vegetable oil.

Step 4:

Preheat a frying pan. Dress it with vegetable oil. Ladle, pour the batter into the pan. Rotate the pan in different directions, the dough evenly.

Step 5:

Fry pancakes on both sides until a nice golden color.

Step 6:

Ready-made pancakes are served with honey, sour cream, jam, butter, condensed milk. You can stuff with their cheese or meat, overcooked onions. To cook the pancakes tea or coffee. Bon Appetit!