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How to cook porridge with milk

Milk porridge can be cooked from any species of cereals. The only exception is unground (buckwheat). To prepare the porridge fit whole, dry and even condensed milk.

How to cook porridge with milk

You will need:

For the semolina with a banana: 0.5 liters of milk; 3 tablespoons semolina; 0.5 tablespoons Sahara; 1 banana; butter. For rice porridge 1 cup rice; 4 cups milk; 1 tablespoon Sahara; a little salt. For millet porridge with pumpkin: 1 cup of millet; 3 cups of milk; 500 g fresh pumpkin; 1 tsp Sahara; 0.5 tsp salt.

Instruction how to cook porridge with milk

Step 1:

Semolina with milk bananomVleyte in a pan, add the sugar, butter and put on a slow fire. Bring to a boil and sprinkle in a thin stream of semolina, stirring constantly with that unpleasant lumps are not formed. Give semolina simmer just a minute, cover, turn off the heat and leave the porridge to swell for twenty to thirty minutes. Peel a banana peel. Cut the halves of his circles, put in the porridge and mix well. Add a banana can and hot and cold cereal. If desired, it can be replaced with frozen berries: currants or raspberries.

Step 2:

Rice kashaPereberite and rinse rice. Put on the stove a pot of water and as soon as it boils, pour in the rice and cook it for five to eight minutes. Fold the rice in a colander or sieve, let the water drain out. At this time, pour the milk into a saucepan and vspipyatite. Put the rice in hot milk, stirring constantly, cook it on a low heat for about fifteen minutes. Then add the sugar and salt. Stir, cover tightly with a lid and put uprevaniya for ten to fifteen minutes in a water bath. Before serving, put in the rice porridge butter.

Step 3:

Millet porridge with tykvoyPochistite and chopped pumpkin. Heat the milk in a saucepan, add the pumpkin and simmer for ten to fifteen minutes, stirring occasionally. Thoroughly rinse the millet and pour into a saucepan with the milk. Season with salt and cook for another fifteen or twenty minutes. Do not forget from time to time in the way. When the porridge thickens, remove the pan from the heat and put on half an hour in a water bath. Or heat the oven to 150 degrees and place it in the pan for ten minutes for uprevaniya.