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How to cook potato zrazy

Initially zrazy - a meat dish Lithuanian cuisine. And for its preparation using a piece of meat, which is wrapped any filling. Only with time for the "shell" we began to use ground beef. To make the dietary and certain recipes vegetable dish, as an upper layer using mashed potatoes. Choosing toppings limited only by your imagination.

How to cook potato zrazy

You will need:

Potato egg onion ingredients for the desired toppings.

Instruction how to cook potato zrazy

Step 1:

Raw potatoes should be thoroughly wash, peel and boil in salted water. Murphy should be well-cooked, but not soften. Otherwise the weight will turn watery. When the potatoes are ready, drain, dry and mash root vegetables. It is possible to wipe them through a sieve. Vegetables need to handle hot, then the resulting mass will be homogeneous, and the process will require less effort. If the mass is turned too watery, add flour.

Step 2:

In cooled down a little mashed chicken stir in two eggs and chopped fried onion. Thoroughly mix all. Milk or water in the mash is not necessary to add, otherwise the weight of consistency will not be suitable for modeling. The puree can add a little butter. Now the ready shell should cool to a temperature where it can be taken by hand.

Step 3:

In the meantime, Let us stuffing. In order to prepare a meat dish, use boiled beef. It must pass through a meat grinder. You can add fried onions, mushrooms and spices in minced meat as desired. Mushrooms can become a self-filling. Before wrapping them in zrazy fried onions until golden brown. The easiest would be filling a piece of cheese in the middle. You can also mix the finely chopped boiled eggs with green onions.

Step 4:

When the sauce has cooled and the filling is ready, you can start building our "cutlets". From mashed potatoes form a cake the size of a little more than a palm and a half centimeters thick. In the middle of the stuffing and put zascheplyaem zrazy from the edges, giving an oval shape. To mashed potatoes do not stuck, you need to take his hands soaked in water or rubbed with oil. Some housewives easier to sculpt zrazy on food film. It is also better to pre-lubricated.

Step 5:

To frying zrazy not burst, they are dipped in egg and rolled in breadcrumbs. "Cutlets" fried in a small amount of vegetable oil on both sides until golden brown. Fry on each side until done better just to once again not to turn zrazy. Because potato dough is very soft and can collapse. You can bake in the oven and zrazy. To do this, lay out "chops" in the pan, brush them with vegetable oil and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Bake at 200 degrees. Bon Appetit!