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How to cook quickly pea porridge

Pea porridge is very useful due to the large number of nutritional protein. Peas and suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle. Useful substances contained in it, supply the body with energy and increase efficiency. Natural sugars, which are rich in some varieties of peas, improves brain activity. Pea is one of the foods that are recommended for use during long Christian blog, so do not neglect the dishes of peas.

How to cook quickly pea porridge

You will need:

Peas; enamelware; water; plate.

Instruction how to cook quickly pea porridge

Step 1:

Prepare the peas for cooking. Before cooking peas, it should be thoroughly rinse under running water better, as long as the water is clear and transparent. So long as peas cooked, there are several ways to speed up his cooking. The first way - soaking. Soak the washed peas for 10-12 hours - this is the best period of time to ensure that it is swollen and absorbed the liquid. It is best to soak the peas in the evening, if you want to cook porridge in the afternoon. Note that split peas (halves) soak faster.

Step 2:

Then drain the water, which was soaked peas, rinse again and now put it to boil. Fill cold water in the pan so that it not only covers the whole peas, but was higher by two fingers. Once the water boils, turn down the temperature of the cooking zone that there was a slow boil, and cook the peas for about 40 minutes.

Step 3:

The second way to speed cooking of pea - adding oil to water. If you have butter, it is best to add it in this case, the peas taste will only become more intense. In case you only have oil, add it. peas taste will not change much, but he cooked a lot faster.

Step 4:

The third way to cook the peas quickly - the gradual addition of cold water. Place the pot on the fire, and every 8 minutes meanly­White it a tablespoon of cold water. This process is a sudden change in temperature affects the speed of cooking peas.

Step 5:

Once the peas cooked (cooking time will depend on the pea varieties and by soaking time), turn off the stove, add the pepper and crush the clove of garlic in a pan. This will give the dish extra flavor. Before serving, remove the garlic from the porridge.