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How to cook rice pudding

Pudding - wonderful food. Kashi eat, not all, but the pudding - sweet, tasty, will appeal to many. There are several different recipes for pudding.

How to cook rice pudding

You will need:

eggs 2 tbsp. milk 150 g raisins 200 g rice 0.5 Art. vanilla sugar zest of one lemon

Instruction how to cook rice pudding

Step 1:

To make rice pudding, take half the required amount of milk - one cup - and pour it into an enamel saucepan. In the boiling milk vsypte pre-washed rice and cook it until tender. Of course, after the rice milk boil again, the fire must be reduced to a minimum.

Step 2:

While the rice is cooked, do not forget it from time to time to stir. At the same time prepare the raisins. Thoroughly rinse it under running hot water and pour the boiling water into the bowl.

Step 3:

In a separate bowl, beat eggs with sugar, vanilla and add to lemon zest. Lemon zest is prepared in advance - thinly cut off peel is dried and milled in a meat grinder. If you do not have lemon peel, simply rub well washed lemon on a fine grater. Try to shoot only the yellow peel.

Step 4:

In a saucepan with the cooked rice, place the beaten eggs with sugar, vanilla and grated lemon zest. Drain the soaked raisins with water and also add it to the rice. The remaining glass of milk, dilute the resulting mass, stir well and continue to cook your pudding still for about 10 minutes. Pudding Ready arrange on plates.

Step 5:

That is to say, an adapted version of cooking rice pudding. Cook the classic English rice pudding should be a little different. I baked it in the oven. At first the infant formula is prepared. 900 ml of milk, 100g sugar, 600ml of cream and lemon peel slowly heated in a pot on the stove with constant stirring until sugar is dissolved. The mixture is then brought to a boil. In refractory form of connect the milk mixture with 150 grams of rice. Ideally, you need a special dessert rice. The surface of the future of rice pudding, sprinkle with grated nutmeg and place in the center of a piece of butter. Bake rice pudding in the oven at 170 degrees in two steps of 45 minutes. After the first 45 minutes is necessary to stir the pudding. Pudding is ready when the rice will absorb all the liquid. Serve it can be both hot and cold.