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How to cook sandwich with turkey

Enjoy delicious and satisfying meal, but time is running out? Or are you just a fan of sandwiches? Then this recipe magnificent turkey sandwich for you. Easy and delicious!

How to cook sandwich with turkey

You will need:

Onions - 1 pc .; herbs - 1 tbsp .; salt and pepper to taste; sour cream - 100 g .; tomato - 1 pc .; cucumber - 1 pc .; sweet pepper and paprika to taste; sternum turkey - 100 g .; salad - 4 sheets; Cheese - 100 g .; white bread or a bun for sandwich.

Instruction how to make a sandwich with turkey

Step 1:

Before you proceed to the formation of a sandwich, all the ingredients you need to prepare. To start wash products. Salad should be thoroughly free from moisture and separated into leaves. Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers must be cut into slices. If you want your sandwich was not only delicious, but also beautiful, try to cut the vegetables as much as possible precisely. You can play with the same color scheme. For example, take the red tomato and yellow pepper, or vice versa. Turkey and cheese should be cut into a thin layer. If desired, you can rub the cheese on a grater, then when baked in a microwave to melt it better and give a more vivid shade of flavor.

Step 2:

To prepare the sauce, you need finely poshinkovat onions and herbs, then mix them with sour cream. The smaller is the greens and onions, so tasty and the sauce will be more beautiful. You must get a lot of pepper and salt. There are no certain limits, so do it at your leisure.

Step 3:

White bread or a special bun for sandwiches should be lubricated with a thin layer of sauce. Put it in layers turkey, tomato, cucumber, pepper, lettuce and cheese. Since the turkey was sliced ​​thinly, it is necessary to spread the wave to pieces fit as much as possible many. In this case, the sandwich will look very nice, and the turkey taste is not lost among other flavors. Try to lay out the ingredients strictly on each other, or from your sandwich will fall goodies and eat it will be uncomfortable. Lovers of hot sandwiches you can put the sandwich in the microwave for 10-20 seconds. During this time will have time to melt the cheese, the vegetables and the turkey will give extra flavor. If baked sandwich longer the bun too hot, and it lose its splendor, and, consequently, and taste. Your sandwich is ready! Bon Appetit!