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How to cook sorrel soup

Summer - time for vegetables, fruit and herbs that grow in your gardens. They are a source of vitamins and minerals. For example, sorrel known acid contained in it, which is very important for our body. Sorrel soup - inalienable first meal in the summer.

How to cook sorrel soup

You will need:

400 grams of meat; 4-5 pcs. potatoes; fresh sorrel; onions or green onions; 1 carrot; green bell peppers; parsley; Bay leaf; salt; black pepper.

Instruction how to cook sorrel soup

Step 1:

Put a pot of water on the fire, put the meat and season with salt. In just a few minutes until cooked meat, add the sliced ​​potatoes. Alternatively, you can cook sorrel soup without meat, then it will be very lean, and with the addition of other vegetables and even more nutritious.

Step 2:

Fry the carrots with onions, add them to the broth. In zazharku or directly to the soup for flavor and pleasant taste can squeeze the juice from the garlic and finely chop a few cloves and send them into the finished soup.

Step 3:

Cook the soup over low heat until the potatoes are cooked. Do not forget to remove the white foam that is formed during cooking.

Step 4:

Thoroughly rinse the sorrel, remove the tough stalks and finely chop. Add the sorrel soup, stir, cover the pan with a lid and turn off the heat. Thus, the chopped sorrel time to become soft, but not much time to seethe and lose vitamins.

Step 5:

Give your soup infuse for 10 minutes. You can add chopped fresh herbs, spices and spices (to taste). Sorrel soup full of vitamins, is ready. Bon Appetit!