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How to cook soup with beetroot

Beetroot has useful properties, because it contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals. Dishes from beets improve digestion, normalize metabolism. One of the most popular dishes with beetroot soup is, it can be a vegetable and meat.

How to cook soup with beetroot

You will need:

Meat soup with beet meat - 500 g; cabbage - 400 g; Potatoes - 400 g; beet - 250 g; tomato paste - 2 tbsp; sour cream - 0.5 st; Carrots - 1 pc; onion - 1 pc; lard - 20 g; bay leaf - 2 pcs; black pepper - 2 peas; vegetable oil; salt. Meatless soup with beetroot: beetroot - 2 pcs; cabbage - 200 g; potatoes - 250 g; Carrots - 1 pc; Onions - 1 pc; tomato paste - 1 tbsp; water - 1.5 liters; salt.

Instruction how to cook soup with beetroot

Step 1:

Meat soup with svekloyPromoyte meat, cut them into pieces and cover with cold water, put the pan on high heat. Bring water to a boil and make the fire smaller, throw into the pot the bay leaf, salt and simmer the broth for an hour.

Step 2:

Cut strips refined beet stew with tomato puree it in a small amount of vegetable oil. Separately, fry the chopped onions and carrots.

Step 3:

Clean the potato and cut it into large cubes, finely chop the cabbage. Put the potatoes and cabbage in broth after 10 minutes to join them braised beets and onions with carrots. Boil the soup until until they are ready to cabbage and potatoes.

Step 4:

Fill the finished fat soup, bring to a boil, turn off the heat and let stand for 15-20 minutes.

Step 5:

Ladle soup with beets on plates, put into each sour cream and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Step 6:

Meatless soup with svekloyNarezhte potato cubes, beet and carrot cut into two parts. Put the root vegetables in boiling water and cook until tender. When the broth is cooked for borscht, remove the beets and carrots, and place shredded cabbage.

Step 7:

Grate carrots and beets have cooled down on a coarse grater, onions, chop finely. In vegetable oil lightly sauté the carrots and onions, add them to the tomato puree. Send browned vegetables in a pot with broth.

Step 8:

Add the beets in borscht, when the cabbage is almost ready, add salt, then simmer the soup for 10 minutes. The finished dish can be served with garlic croutons. To prepare them, pieces of black bread fry until crisp and rub both sides with garlic.