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How to cook stuffed with mushrooms with cream sauce

If you like to surprise guests, then you try to pick up unusual dishes. And if this dish is relatively inexpensive, delicious and prepared quickly, it is a godsend. Mushrooms stuffed with cream sauce will impress any guest.

How to cook stuffed with mushrooms with cream sauce

You will need:

fresh mushrooms (fungi 15-20); chicken (breast fillets 1); onions and spices; cheese (100 g); A sauce: onions (1-2 pieces); flour (2 tea spoons); dill, chicken broth (100-150 ml); cream (low-fat) 100-150 ml; butter or vegetable oil for frying; spice.

Instruction how to cook stuffed with mushrooms with cream sauce

Step 1:

Take medium mushrooms (fresh, make it easier to stuff and they looked nice as a finished product). If you choose to freeze, and then cook the mushrooms can be torn, and the ugly look in the finished form. Wash mushrooms, mushroom caps separate from the legs and finely chop.

Step 2:

Wash the chicken and boil until cooked with spices. Pour broth, it is useful for the preparation of the sauce. Cooled down fillets cut into small pieces.

Step 3:

Slice the onions and mushrooms legs. Heat a frying pan and fry in vegetable oil until soft. Then cool down and slide with sliced ​​chicken. Rub cheese on a coarse grater and add to the resulting mixture. All mix well. The resulting mass is gently Stuff mushroom caps. Mushrooms lay on a pallet or grid and bake in the oven or in Aerogrill about 25 minutes. In Aerogrill fungi are obtained with a delicious crispy crust and prepared without oil.

Step 4:

Prepare the sauce: take a bow, clean and finely chop. Greens wash, dry and finely chop. Take a frying pan and heat the oil. Add to the pan, cut onion and herbs. Fry for five minutes and add the spices. Perezharte another three minutes. All sprinkle with flour and fry for another 1-2 minutes. Then pour in the chicken broth, stir and bring everything to a boil. Simmer for another three minutes. Reduce heat and slowly pour in the cream preheated (not folded). All mix well and cook for two minutes. Then cover with a lid and simmer the sauce for another three minutes. The sauce is ready.

Step 5:

Remove the mushrooms from the oven ready or aerogrill. Prepare a large dish, decorate it with lettuce. Put the mushrooms in the dish. Pour mushroom sauce, or post the prepared sauce in saucers to garnish. Equally tasty!