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How to cook sweet rolls

A pleasant and tasty alternative to classic steel Rolle desserts in the form of rolls. Sweet rolls embodied the idea of ​​the usefulness of the terms of components and in the tradition of folding rolls. They are prepared on the basis of Japanese pancakes Kako, Philadelphia cream cheese, and various fruits and berries, and sweet rice dessert. So there is a utility - rolls are rich in calcium, vitamins. And, if your child does not like porridge, cook his breakfast dessert roll, he will be delighted!

How to cook sweet rolls

You will need:

For dessert rice: Rice Nishiki - 75g; Milk - 400 g; Sugar - 50 gr. For the filling: Strawberries, blueberries or other berries Kiwi taste - a little on the 10-20 grams per serving; Coconut green mint sauce strawberry (jam) for registration; Makis (bamboo mat).

Instruction how to cook sweet rolls

Step 1:

Cook the rice dessert. To do this, pour the suitable amount of grits in a saucepan with a thick bottom, pour the milk, add the sugar and put to boil. Cook, stirring constantly and carefully, until completely thickened. Set aside to cool cooked rice, the temperature should be such that it can be taken in hand. Ideally croup should cling like clay and, in contrast to the usual rice rolls it should be well seethe.

Step 2:

Prepare Makis. Wrap it several times with cling film - for hygienic purposes and to then not wash Makis from rice. Carefully make punctures in the film, to get rid of air bubbles between the layers. Lightly dampen or grease Makis and then wipe with a towel, not clinging to the film.

Step 3:

Take 100 grams of rice for one roll - ball the size of a palm, lay on the mat, the edge closest to you, and flatten in the form of a small square, about 15x15 cm Now lay out the stuffing -. 10 grams of strawberries, blueberries, 20 grams of kiwi. Or, combine berries, according to their own tastes.

Step 4:

Wrap roll with fruit in the same way as normal, but it is not necessary at all to pull it. Lift the edge closest to her mat with the edge of the blank roll and fold it to the center of the workpiece, hiding under the edge of the filling. From Macy's at this point is to get square. Middle, index and thumb forming side of a square. Now raise your right hand edge of the Macy's by a quarter by releasing one side of the roll, and the left hand roll the roll forward under the mat.

Step 5:

Shot down the edge, gently shifting the roll to the edge of the mat, wrapped again and lightly pressed his palm side. Do the same thing with the other edge. Roll ready to roll in coconut flakes. Cut into pieces, put on a plate flat "towers", garnish with mint and strawberry sauce (jam). Sweet roll for dessert is ready!