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How to cook the cheese nuggets

Nuggets - are small pieces of juicy chicken breast or fish fillet in a crispy crust. They can bake or fry, chop on skewers, decorate and serve as an original snack. If we add to it any salad or fresh vegetables, they will become a full hearty dishes. Very popular cheese nuggets. They are prepared simply, quickly and obtain the glory of even an inexperienced cook. This dish is easy to surprise your guests and family members.

How to cook the cheese nuggets

You will need:

400 g chicken breast; 200 g of cheese durum; 2 eggs; 100 g sifted flour; 50 ml of vegetable oil; salt, ground black pepper to taste. For the sauce: 20 g of mayonnaise; 5 g of grainy mustard; 10 g of honey; 10 g of water.

Instruction how to cook cheese nuggets

Step 1:

Rinse chicken breasts and slice them thin oblong slices. For this dish is better to buy chilled breast, not frozen. It should always be cut across the grain.

Step 2:

Grate the cheese on a fine grater. Take only hard cheese, such as parmesan. You can add to this variety a bit of your favorite cheese. With such a mix can easily give the Nuggets a variety of flavors.

Step 3:

Whisk the eggs with a fork or blender until smooth.

Step 4:

Mix the sifted flour in a bowl with salt and pepper. If the cheese is very salty, the salt should be extremely careful. If you use a Parmesan, then it is better not to use. To spice you can spice turmeric flour.

Step 5:

Dip the slices alternately breasts in flour, beaten egg and cheese. Instead of flour can be wheat roll nuggets in breadcrumbs.

Step 6:

Red-hot in a skillet vegetable oil and fry the breaded chicken pieces over medium heat. They should fry until the formation of a light golden brown, then flip to the other side. Hot vegetable oil should completely cover the meat pieces. In a similar fashion in the preparation of this dish turns rosy flavorful crust and tender meat inside.

Step 7:

Prepare honey-mustard sauce. His sweet-bitter taste perfectly complement the taste of nuggets, would make this dish much juicier. Mix in a bowl, mayonnaise, mustard, honey and water. Instead, grainy mustard, you can use ordinary. Candied honey pre-melt in a water bath, so that it became liquid. To the sauce was more tender, pour into it a little cream.

Step 8:

Put ready nuggets on a dish, pour the sauce, sprinkle with herbs and serve hot with any side dish of vegetables.