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How to cook the jam in the bread maker

Lovers of sweet necessarily come to the delight of that possibility, which is able to give them a modern bread machine. It turns out that these devices can not only bake a delicious and crunchy wheat or onion Saikou bar, but also to cook the jam. And you will not need a long time to stand at the stove, stirring the bubbling muck from the berries and sugar. Smart appliances will do everything for you. Berry or fruit jam today - it's that simple.

How to cook the jam in the bread maker

You will need:

berries or fruit - 500 g sugar - 150 g lemon juice - 1 tbsp.

Instruction how to cook the jam in the bread maker

Step 1:

To make jam in the bread maker, you need quite a bit of time (about one and a half hours) and a minimum set of products. Pick berries or fruit at your convenience. The fact that the home appliance can be prepared as a berry and fruit jam, depending on your taste preferences, the availability of certain ingredients in the refrigerator and season. Wash berries or fruits used, and spare them from tails and bones.

Step 2:

Then it is a matter already own breadmaker. Place the device on a flat surface, attach the mixer to form a spindle. Make sure that the last "village" is correct, firmly.

Step 3:

Put in the form of prepared berries or fruit, sugar and lemon juice. Shake form to produce a little mixed up.

Step 4:

Insert a form in the bakery. The latter should stay straight, vertically stable. Then close the cover and install the appropriate software on the device control panel. Feel free to click "Start" and go about their business. An hour later, with a little bread maker beep will alert you that the time to prepare jam, and you can taste it.