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How to cook the stew of pork

Ragout of pork - not only popular, but also a simple dish. The ingredients need little taste terrific, really have to simmer for at least an hour. Recipes for cooking pork ragout much every woman in his varied use of spices. Here's one popular recipe.

How to cook the stew of pork

You will need:

kilogram of pork; sweet peppers (only one); two bulbs; about three tablespoons of tomato paste; herbs spices salt - to taste.

Instruction how to cook a stew of pork

Step 1:

Wash the meat and remove the remaining water from it. You can simply wet the meat with a paper towel. If the meat has a lot of fat, it is better to be partially cut, and then the dish will be too bold and not so pleasant to the taste.

Step 2:

Cut meat into small pieces. The smaller the pieces, the faster preparing a dish. It is better if they have the same shape

Step 3:

Fry the slices of meat in a pan with a little olive oil or vegetable oil. The pan for frying should choose deep as the other ingredients are added to. Meat fried did not last long, for two to three minutes. You do not have to fry it until brown.

Step 4:

In the process of roasting the meat, add salt and pepper and pour the meat with water so that it completely covers the meat. Bring a dish to a boil and reduce heat.

Step 5:

The pan cover and continue cooking the dish on a low heat.

Step 6:

Watch closely for the content of the pan with water and just blow it as boiling. During the cooking water should completely cover the meat.

Step 7:

Once the pork reaches half cooked, about 20-30 minutes, cut into half rings onion and bell pepper slices.

Step 8:

For lovers of spicy food in addition to sweet peppers can add a little sharp. Also, at its discretion, in a dish, you can add garlic and carrots. In principle, you can add vegetables to choose to whom you like more. The most important thing - the vegetables should be finely chopped.

Step 9:

Add all the vegetables to the meat.

Step 10:

After cooking the dish, sprinkle with finely chopped herbs and let it brew.