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How to cook tripe

Offal - ingredient of many dishes of national cuisine of the peoples of the world. At small financial cost to buy them, you will get the perfect ingredient for the preparation of the second course. Cook the pork tripe in tomato sauce - a delicious gourmet dinner for the whole family.

How to cook tripe

You will need:

200 g of pork liver; 200 g of pig heart; 200 g of pig lung; 3 tablespoons margarine; 4 onions; 3 tomato; 2 tablespoons flour; 0.5 cups of broth or water; 1 teaspoon of 3% vinegar; 3 cloves of garlic; ground black pepper; salt; cilantro; parsley; dill.

Instruction how to cook tripe

Step 1:

Take 200 g of pork liver, lung, heart. Offal good wash. Remove them from the films. The liver before further cooking, soak for 1 hour in cold water with a little soda.

Step 2:

Offal cut into small cubes, hot water scald. Fold-products in a colander.

Step 3:

In a frying pan, melt 3 tablespoons margarine. Put giblets in a pan. Salt them and fry, stirring occasionally, until crisp.

Step 4:

4 onions clean, finely chop. Wash tomatoes and cut into slices. Put the vegetables in a pan roasting to the co-products. All the mix. Continue to simmer the giblets and vegetables to simmer.

Step 5:

2 tablespoons of flour, pour in the clean, dry frying pan. On medium heat, fry it until golden brown, stirring constantly. Leave it to cool.

Step 6:

The cooled fried flour dissolve half a glass of water or broth. All stir well until the disappearance of lumps of flour.

Step 7:

3 cloves of garlic, clean, chop finely or put through chesnokodavilku. Put the garlic into the pan to the flour and broth. Add to 1 teaspoon of 3% vinegar, chopped greens, black pepper. All mix and bring to a boil.

Step 8:

Connect fried tripe with flour, mix well and simmer until cooked offal.

Step 9:

On a side dish to cook the giblets in tomato sauce boiled pasta, rice, buckwheat or mashed potatoes. Put on a plate garnish, stewed tripe, pour all the sauce that turned when cooking. Serve hot. Bon Appetit!