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How to cook veprevo knee in Czech at home

Baked in beer veprevo knee - a recipe of traditional Czech cuisine, which is a good idea caught on among Russian chefs. Pork shank (shank) is preparing for a long time and requires the hostess cooks specific skills. However, a little patience - and a piece of fairly coarse ham turn into a great dish.

How to cook veprevo knee in Czech at home How to prepare veprevo knee to bake

To home-cook pork knee in Czech, just like in the famous Prague beer, pick up the latest shin - part of the thigh and shin, knee joint itself must be in the middle. To soften the shank and make it juicy marinated raw materials necessary. You will need the following suite of products:

- garlic (4 cloves);

- Black pepper freshly ground (1 teaspoon);

- Cooking Coarse pitch (2 teaspoons);

- parsley (1 bunch);

- celery (1 bunch);

- bay leaf (2-3 pcs.);

- sweet bell pepper (7-10 pieces);

- green sour apple (2 pcs.);

- a little nutmeg and ginger root;

- Czech beer (depending on the size of the shank).

Thoroughly rinse veprevo knee under running water, then blot it with paper towels. Thoroughly rub shank on all sides with salt and pepper, crushed garlic. Place in an enamel or glass bowl on a bed of chopped herbs, spices and herbs.

Completely fill pork dark Czech beer, then dip the apples into quarters liquid without peel and core. Marinate the meat in the cold (but not in any way in the cold!) During the day, and then turn the shank and will hold it in the marinade for 4-5 hours.

Bake veprevo knee in Czech in the oven

Shank marinated, remove from the brine, otskrebite seasoning and allow fluid to drain. According to the classical Czech recipe, knuckle of pork cooked on a spit. Set the oven to "grill" mode, set the pan to collect the dripping meat juices and cook shank 3 hours basting periodically dripped-off fat.

A few tips. To knuckle of pork were with a ruddy crust, brush the meat with honey (half a cup), raw egg yolks (4 pcs.) And soy sauce (2 tablespoons).

If you do not have oven with grill function, put knuckle on the grid. In the process of preparation is required to regularly turn the pork.

You can also use a baking dish. Lubricate the softened butter or oil a deep cast iron saucepan, put it knuckle of pork and sprinkle with onion rings. Fill in all the Czech beer. Under a closed lid will be prepared pork 1.5 hours at 180oC, followed by another 30 min. reach readiness in an open container.

Ready veprevo knee Czech Serve hot with sauerkraut, and soy sauce.