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How to cook wheat porridge

Wheat porridge is not very popular dish, although it has a lot of positive qualities. It helps the body to quickly restore power, so useful for people engaged in physical labor. Prepare wheat porridge is easy, and the croup is fairly cheap, so you should turn this dish into your diet. Options for preparing such a lot of cereals, the easiest is to prepare on the water.

How to cook wheat porridge

You will need:

- Water - 2 cups - wheat cereal - 1 cup - butter and salt to taste

Instruction how to cook wheat porridge

Step 1:

From wheat produced two types of cereals, porridge is used for Artek - melkodroblenaya cereal, porridge, it gives strength. Before cooking should be rinsed with lukewarm water rump. First, it removes all excess debris from it, secondly, increase the product quality. Groats also be viewed on the accumulation of debris - stones and other objects.

Step 2:

Krupa is filled with water, it is added to the salt, and put the pan over high heat. After boiling grits, reduce the fire. If the boiling porridge on the surface of the foam occurs with garbage, it is required to remove.

Step 3:

Brewed wheat porridge 15-20 minutes, and it should be periodically stir, that it is not burnt. Ready porridge should seethe until tender. If it does not, add a little hot water, porridge and boiled for a few minutes.

Step 4:

When wheat porridge is cooked, it is added to the butter, then the product is allowed to be up to 15-20 minutes - the porridge so it becomes softer and softer.

Step 5:

Wheat porridge, cooked in water, can be used as a separate dish, and as a garnish. It goes well with meat, offal, fried mushrooms. And yesterday's porridge will turn out very tasty burgers - worth just add eggs, semolina, mix well and fry.

Step 6:

Babies for breakfast should be like wheat porridge with milk. The method of its preparation is not much different. Instead of water taken per liter of milk, cereals and the amount is reduced by 2 times. Also added to the porridge tablespoon sugar. In the boiled milk backfilled with salt, sugar and wheat.

Step 7:

After re-boil the fire is reduced to a minimum, and the dish is languishing on it for about 40 minutes under the lid closed. The cooked wheat porridge added to the oil, and the product is infused for 10 minutes. If the porridge will be a little watery for you, then try the next time to put a little more than cereals.