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How to cook wild meat

Meat of wild animals are the real decoration of the table. They not only have a good taste, but also very useful because they do not contain such usual for birds and animals of harmful chemicals grown in captivity.

How to cook wild meat

You will need

Meat - 1 kg; 5-6 large potatoes; three bulbs; 3-4 tomatoes; spices: dill parsley bay leaf pepper; salt; form for cooking; foil.


Step 1:

Wild meat can cook, fry or bake. The first method is the simplest, but most undesirable because during cooking the meat loses its palatability. However, it is well suited for soups and borscht. If you want to cook burgers, the best wild meat mix mixed with beef or pork.

Step 2:

Fry the meat is not worth it, because it will almost certainly be tough. An exception is the preparation of a shish kebab, this dish has its undeniable advantages. Preparing meat for the barbecue, its for some time kept in the marinade that gives softness and kebab special taste. The exact exposure time depends on the recipe of the marinade. For wild meat marinade can be used on the basis of the bow, as the vinegar will make it even tougher. The recipe is very simple marinade: Chop onion rings, mash with salt and spices to release the juice. Then carefully move the onions with the meat - so that it is steeped in the juice. Leave the meat for about half an hour, then you can string it on skewers.

Step 3:

It is best to bake the meat of wild, then it turns out very tasty. Bake should be in metallic form, pre-pave it with foil. The edges of the foil and then close the meat on top of that it will eliminate scorching and allows to maintain the oven about half an hour - in this case, even tough meat good time to protomai and become soft.

Step 4:

One of the wild meat recipes such. If you, for example, cook a duck, first pluck it over the fire opal, gutted. Then choose, you'll bake it in whole or slice the pieces on. The whole duck looks beautiful, but requires longer cooking. In addition, then it is inconvenient enough to cut. It is therefore easier to cut it into pieces immediately.

Step 5:

For garnish cut small strips about 5-6 large potatoes. Also, you'll need three large onion, two cut into large slices, about 4-6 parts. The third cut rings. Cut 3-4 small slices of tomato. You will need, and spices - bay leaf, dill, parsley, red and black pepper, etc., to your taste. Potatoes and meat podsolite.

Step 6:

At the bottom lined with foil shaped pour a little vegetable oil, pour half a potato, a third of the onions and half the tomatoes. Sprinkle the spices and stir. Above lay the meat, sprinkle with spices again. The remaining potatoes move with onions, tomatoes and spices and place on top. Close the edges of the foil, primnogo that the foil is not revealed. Take it from the top with a knife a couple of small punctures. Cooking at a temperature of 200 degrees and a half hours. You can change the basic recipe on your own.