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How to cut an orange

Orange - a delicious exotic fruit bright orange color. Without it does not do any one fruit plate. Beautifully cut orange will be a great decoration of the festive table.

How to cut an orange

Instruction as an orange slice

Step 1:

Orange citrus fruit is soft, so it cuts only use well-sharpened knife. In this case, the product does not lose its shape and juice.

Step 2:

Pre-Wash fruits and dry with a clean paper towel, even if the table you will submit it in a purified form.

Step 3:

Cut the orange into thin rings of equal thickness (about 0.5 mm), cutting it across. Make it neat movements of the stem parallel to the edge. If desired, each circle, cut in half. Eat an orange, holding a half-circle with your fingers, releasing the slices from the skin.

Step 4:

Cut the oranges into slices, without cutting off the peel. To do this, first divide the fruit into two equal parts, then each part has two. Then, each quarter-laid flat side up, cut into equal slices.

Step 5:

Apply orange peeled and divided into segments like a tangerine. To do this, carefully remove the peel from it, taking care not to damage the pulp. Then, to the fruit look more aesthetic, remove its white film. Using a knife, divide the orange into segments, which are also clear from the film. Place the slices on a platter.

Step 6:

Cut the oranges into slices. To do this, first cut it into thin rings, remove them peel and white lines on the planned sharp knife separate the small triangular slices. Put them on a flat plate, garnish with mint leaves, and in the center put a small amount of crushed ice.

Step 7:

Make of oranges beautiful suns. To do this, cut the fruit into thin rings of uniform thickness, without removing the peel. Make a vertical section of orange pulp and remove the ring inside out so that the peel was bright in the middle, and the flesh of citrus - on the edges. Put the orange sun on a wide platter.