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How to cut the cake

Bake a real cake - not an easy task. It takes both experience and skill, and most importantly - a great desire to learn. But to make dough - only half the battle. Ready-made cakes will still have exactly split for interlayers and decorate. To get the perfect cut on the biscuit, you need good tools and a little patience. How to approach this time-consuming business, and cut the sponge cake right?

How to cut the cake

Instruction how to cut the cake

Step 1:

If you are confident in his good eye, use for cutting biscuit long knife (not less than 25 cm) with a serrated blade. First, cut the "hump" (hill) from the surface of the cake. Measure the height of the biscuit in the middle and make several slits inwardly to denote half the entire circumference of the cake. Lightly press cake hand and slowly rotating it counterclockwise with the other hand sawing blade toward you on the marked label. Cut deeper and deeper, continuing to rotate the cake. Move the knife deeper toward the center with each new turn, until cake is completely cut. So, a little sawing precise movements, you divide the next cake into two disks.

Step 2:

Get sweet divider made of plastic with a string. Using it is very simple cut pieces of desired thickness. The unit with the string for cutting biscuit bit like hangers for clothes, at the ends of which the rubber tips and a few levels for the string. The device is put rubber feet on the table and slowly slide them through the cake, cutting it severely in the middle of the string.

Step 3:

Some bakers use a twisted yarn or twine. The thread wrap around the sponge at the desired height, cross the ends and slowly pull them. The incision is obtained fairly smooth, but at the same biscuit can greatly crumble. In this case, the thread is only to mark the place for the cut and try to cut the cake with a knife on the planned range.