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How to decorate Napoleon

Delicate and delicious cake "Napoleon" is known to all. Perhaps there is no person who would not have tried this dessert. The formulations of the test and cream cake very much. However, there are characteristics of the sweets: the use of puff pastry and layering. The thinner cakes and more of them, the cake is delicious. Cake Decorating - a creative process. Let us point out a few products that can be used to decorate the "Napoleon".

How to decorate Napoleon

Instruction how to decorate napoleon

Step 1:

Chit. Classic "Napoleon" crumbs decorated cakes, from which it is prepared. To give a more appetizing appearance, chop one of the cakes into small crumbs and fry breadcrumbs in the oven until golden brown. Sprinkle crumb cake on all sides.

Step 2:

Chocolate. It is best to use for decorating dark chocolate - that you will achieve the effect of the war: first, dark chocolate does not melt so much, and secondly, the light bitterness of dark chocolate will give a spicy touch. Put a bar of chocolate in the freezer for 20-30 minutes, then rub with chocolate on a fine grater and sprinkle on top of the cake.

Step 3:

Nuts. "Napoleon" can be decorated with nuts. You can use any nuts, even a mixture thereof. Fry lightly kernels and grind in a blender until crumbs. Walnut sprinkle crumb cake, whole nuts decorate the top.

Step 4:

Powdered sugar. Powdered sugar cake "Napoleon" to decorate the best in combination with the crumbs. Sprinkle the cake crumbs, then using a sieve, sprinkle cake with powdered sugar. Using stencils, you can use powdered sugar to decorate a cake figurines.

Step 5:

Cream. Whipped cream is not the traditional decoration of the cake "Napoleon", but they are quite appropriate, if you have used the cream of the cream.

Step 6:

Berries. If you used the cream for "Napoleon" berries, you can decorate the cake with them. And although it is very far from the classic dessert recipe, this ornament will look original and unusual, and berry flavor perfectly set off the traditional taste of "Napoleon."