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How to decorate salads

Beautifully decorated dishes stimulate appetite, promote better digestion, provide a festive atmosphere. The brightness and iridescence give fresh salads, marinated and cooked vegetables, greens, boiled eggs, fruit and olives. The main thing is to decorate the dish does not close completely by itself.

How to decorate salads

You will need:

cucumber (fresh or canned), fresh tomato; boiled beet; green onions; salad; zest; lemon; boiled egg; ham.

Instruction how to decorate salads

Step 1:

"Flower" with slices of cucumber Cut the cucumber of the length of about 5 cm. Cut in half lengthwise. Make a longitudinal cut-outs on the skin. These strips can be used for the flower stalk. Processed cucumber cut into thin slices. Separate them and use as the petals of daisies. In the middle of a flower lay half cherry tomato.

Step 2:

"Roses" from Cut tomato spiral tomato peel one strip to the stem, starting from the base. The thinner the strip, the more uniform it can be wrapped. Tomatoes should be mature, but strong. Unwind strip into a flat spiral, putting her flesh down on the table. Then collect the strip in the rosettes, using a wide part as a base. These can be prepared, "Rose" and from the skin of a cucumber, strips of boiled beets, carrots, salt fish.

Step 3:

Beet hearts Boil medium-sized beets, cool, clean and tidy. Cut it into thin slices, and then cut with the help of molds hearts. The remaining crop chop and use for coloring of mayonnaise or sour cream. Such beet hearts will be very appropriate for salads, prepared for Valentine's Day.

Step 4:

"Serpentine" Cut along the arrows green onions, they rolled into beautiful "curls". You can immerse them in cold water for a few seconds to more curly. Cut the peel of citrus a special cutter. These stripes are not only decorate the dishes, but also give them extra flavor.

Step 5:

"Butterfly" from citrus to prepare Collect butterflies dense lemons with a small amount of seeds. Slice them with a sharp knife into thin slices and remove the seeds. Of the two halves make butterfly wings. From thin strips of peppers make its mustache. Lemon can be replaced by orange.

Step 6:

"Kulechki" of sausage Cut sausage or ham into very thin slices. Put them on top of each other and make cuts from the middle to the edge. Then roll each slice "kulechkom".

Step 7:

"Mushroom" from the egg a little egg Cut the bottom for stability, put half a tomato and apply it drops of mayonnaise or sour cream - it will mushroom.