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How to decorate salmon

Salmon, especially salty, traditionally a festive table decoration. Therefore, slicing salmon, sandwiches or any other dish of this fish will look even more tempting and appetizing, if you decorate them.

How to decorate salmon

Instruction how to decorate salmon

Step 1:

Sandwiches with salted salmon With their cooking, you can use: sprigs of fresh herbs (dill, parsley), the feathers green onions, lettuce, fresh vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes), slices of lemon or lime, olives, butter, red or caviar, boiled shrimp, boiled egg.

Step 2:

For example a piece of bread from a pastry bag with a "star" pattern nozzle apply "grid" of the softened butter. One or two thin slices of fish, take a rose and put on one or both sides of the bread. you can put the color of the fish greens, imitating the leaves. You can also make rosettes and put in the middle of a flower or next to a little black or red caviar and greens complement the composition or lemon slices. You can alternate the slices of fish on a sandwich with greens, lemon, shrimp, caviar, to get a "zebra". Slices of fish can be cut into thin strips and arrange on a sandwich in the form of spirals or circles, putting at the center of the cut along the olive.

Step 3:

Splitting of salted salmon If you just decided to make the cuts, then finely chop the fish. Flat dish Put lettuce. From slices of fish make roses and place them on a dish. In the center of rosettes kazhoy put olive or olive. From the cold butter with a knife with teeth cut "curls" and put them among the roses. Fish can be lightly sprinkle with lemon juice and sprinkle with lemon zest. You can also sprinkle the fish with soy sauce. The edges of the dishes you can sprinkle a little grain of white mustard.

Step 4:

Baked Salmon before baking on the surface of the fish, you can apply a pattern of mayonnaise "grid". The mayonnaise can add chopped fresh or dried herbs. When a table, the fish lay on a plate with lettuce leaves. Along the edges of the dish can be decorated with a cut along the olives and lemon slices. Samu fish can be decorated with sliced ​​olives and lightly sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs. You can also decorate and fried fish.