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How to decorate the cake roses

Homemade cake must not only delicious, but also beautiful. Particularly impressive looks cake, topped with flowers - it is appropriate and at a modest holiday home, and the children's birthday party, and on the lush anniversary. The most beautiful flowers - roses - can be made in several ways. A little skill and patience - and your sweet roses will look no worse than in any way confectionery.

How to decorate the cake roses

You will need:

Roses from oil cream: - 100 g of sweet butter; - 4 tablespoons of condensed milk; - A pinch of vanilla; - A set of ready-made food dyes. Candied Rose: - 1 egg protein; - 1 cup of finely crystalline sugar. Rose of marzipan - marzipan 1 package; - A set of ready-made food dyes.

Instruction how to decorate the cake roses

Step 1:

Before creating ornaments think over the general appearance and size of the cake. It depends on how many colors you need. Tiered cake decorated with roses, laid a wreath. On a low cake will look beautiful bouquet of roses, and the side will be a place for an inscription. Small rosettes can in artistic disorder scattered on poverhnosti.Vyberite range, which will be fulfilled your flowers. For the cake, decorated with cream or white mastic, suitable pale pink shades, a coating of chocolate requires yellow, orange or white roses.

Step 2:

Now decide what you produce from your sweet flowers. The classic recipe involves decoration of cream oil. At the wedding or anniversary to impress guests will make a cake decorated with candied roses. Well, on the lovely home they will look great cakes delicious flowers from marzipan.

Step 3:

Roses from the oil kremaPrezhde all, prepare the cream. Butter mash in a deep bowl to the consistency of sour cream and whisk whisk or hand mixer, add the condensed milk and vanilla. To obtain a homogeneous plastic mass cream. Before the production, it can be painted cream color. Add the prepared dyes or a little beet juice (for pink) or carrots (weight will light orange) .Svernite bag of parchment to enclose the sharp end of the plate from the board to cut flat. Cut off the tip of the plastic bag - a cut should be straight, the length of about two santimetrov.Iz finished biscuit cone cut - the foundation of the future roses. Fasten it on a fork. Take the fork in your left hand, hold the right pastry bag and gently flowing movements, apply on the basis of round-shaped petals. Flower size depends on the number of supported petals. The finished rose gently remove with a fork and place on the cake.

Step 4:

Candied rozyDlya such decorations need living large flowers without damage, completely open and did not pass the processing chemicals. Carefully disassemble the petals on a rose. Each petal immerse in slightly beaten egg white, then in the fine-grained sugar. Put them on the grill to collect vysyhaniya.Nachnite rose. Put in a cup of a paper napkin. Brush the edges of petals put on a bit of protein and carefully holds them together with each other in the cup. Start with large petals, in the last instance configure the middle of a flower. Leave the finished product overnight to dry. Ready-made flowers are stored in cardboard boxes up to 3 months.

Step 5:

Roses from martsipanaDlya producing such colors easier to use ready-made marzipan, sold in blocks. Remove the weight of the box, roll it into a sausage, cut into small slices of different sizes. finger pressing configure petals rounded convex-concave shape. Collect rose, since the core. Petals bundle the light touch of a flower at the base of the future. Note that a sealed package without marzipan dries quickly, so you need to work with it rather quickly.