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How to decorate the Christmas table

Nativity. What it's still warm, joyful and lovely holiday! And it needs to be noted is cozy and beautiful. How to decorate the Christmas table? What should be of such an unusual and interesting on it? The art of table decoration for Christmas more than a thousand years, and it is still evolving, while accumulating experience, recipes, traditions.

How to decorate the Christmas table

You will need:

Vegetables, fruits, herbs, meat, fish, poultry, bread, pastries, champagne, wine, silverware, crystal and porcelain tableware, tablecloth, napkins, fresh and artificial flowers, toothpicks, skewers, figurines of angels, decorative candles, fir branches , Christmas decorations.

Instruction how to decorate the Christmas table

Step 1:

To look at the holiday table tired and exhausted, consider pre-palette and original design and decoration of dishes, and advance start serving. First pick up the tablecloth, other solemn looks white with a discreet pattern on it will look good all your delights. If your holiday table is rich wooden countertop, you can do without the tablecloth, just lay a suitable linen napkins with original ornaments, get very cozy. Sew Cushions for the chairs, or buy ready - draping and bows always very beautiful and elegant.

Step 2:

In the center of the table should be large, bright spot. Collect from live pine or fir branches, cones and Christmas decorations beautiful song, and you'll feel even more at the table the smell of the holiday. Do not pile up too high structure, otherwise it will be blocked by your companion sitting opposite.

Step 3:

Set the table with polished metal vase for fruits, dishes, a bucket for champagne - it will add bright highlights, as a result of the festivity. Ribbons, rain and pick up Christmas balls in color dishes. When serving a Christmas table looks very rich.

Step 4:

Separate conversation about lighting the Christmas table. Of course, you can turn on a floor lamp, a new lamp and Christmas garland, but we should not forget that Christmas is still unusual and magical holiday. The true magic you can create only a flickering fire and the smell of wax! Put on the table a few decorative candles in metal gilded candlesticks or ceramic vases with ornaments. The abundance of sparkling lights, sparkling silverware, crystal glasses, Christmas tree decorations with candles reflected in them create the unique atmosphere of this kind holiday candles can be aromatic or simple, the main thing - the wavering flames, dancing in front of your loved ones.

Step 5:

Original candles can be made with their own hands and improvised. Take a large orange or grapefruit, cut off the lower part of the one-third of its height and remove the pulp. Then place the cut the lower part of the impromptu torch, put it in a small candle in the cup of the foil shaped holes on the sides and one sverhu.V outlet for jam (the chandelier can serve any wine glass). Cover the top of the - the original lamp is ready. Light it with a match through a decorative little window.

Step 6:

There are many ways to decorate a Christmas buffet with a variety of dishes, fruits and sweets. Here is an example: Cut the peeled, without stalks, pineapple triangular slices, strawberries without stalks in half an orange cut into slices unpeeled. Arrange in bowls for fruit yogurt dessert, decorate it with sliced ​​fruit and berries in the form of flowers, sprinkle with powdered sugar, refrigerate.