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How to decorate the platter

Festive table must be different from the traditional, but how to do it, if you do not have time to cook complicated dishes? There are several ways, and one of them - to submit offers assorted different sausage and cheese slicing as a cold snack, pre intricately adorned it.

How to decorate the platter

Instruction how to decorate the platter

Step 1:

Decorate each piece of platter with olives aid, cementing them with toothpicks or specially purchased for this festive chopsticks. This immediately give the dish elegant look, contributing to the creation of festive and joyful atmosphere. Look for themed chopsticks, if your holiday is associated with a particular theme. For example, if you are celebrating the victory of your favorite football team, you can buy accessories, decorated balls, or simply stick the paper circles to the toothpick.

Step 2:

Cut the lemons, tomatoes and cucumbers in small slices and place them on the edge of the dish, as well as on top of prepared meals. Creative imagination and place them curlicue. Use a special knife for cutting curly, to add to his unusual culinary creativity. Place on a platter flowers from radish, cucumber asterisk - your guests will be amazed by your talent!

Step 3:

Construct funny animals from simple products to decorate the platter. Hard-boiled eggs, cut lengthwise and lay one half of its yolk down: this is the body of the future mouse. For eyes, use a pea, and a tail and whiskers make dill. Trim tabs easy to do with radish. Another option - muhomorchiki funny: it is not necessary to cut the eggs, simply cut off the lower part with the wide end, so that they could take a strong position on a platter. Tomatoes split in half and remove the core. On each egg put tomato hat and similarities with fly agaric help give droplets of mayonnaise or sour cream.

Step 4:

Shots dish, which will be fed meats, lettuce, and top scribble a little dill, parsley or basil. This simple way to decorate the platter immediately give a modest snack festive look.