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How to determine that honey is good

Honey - a very useful and tasty product, it is used not only in cooking but also for treatment. That is why it is very important to be able to determine the quality of honey, because, unfortunately, the markets often offer bad product or unnatural.

How to determine that honey is good

You will need:

- indelible pencil; - 5% tannin; - 96% alcohol.

Instruction how to determine what a good honey

Step 1:

Notice the smell of honey. It can range from thin to thick spicy flavor, but in any case, must strongly smelling honey. The fake product that is made from sugar syrup, has a faint odor. Sour smell of honey Braga.

Step 2:

From the color of the product also depends on the quality. Honey is white to very dark color, almost brown. It depends on the plants from which the nectar is collected. But in any case, this fresh honey transparent. Look, if there is a precipitate, it is likely, in front of you fake product. Not to be confused with the natural turbidity, which appears at the beginning of crystallization.

Step 3:

The consistency of a good mature honey should be thick. If you are considering a fresh, not yet crystallized product, type the honey in a spoon and try to pour it slowly. If the honey is ripe, it will drain a dense stream, which can even be "wound" on a spoon.

Step 4:

Crystallization - a natural process and depends on the varieties of honey. The product quality is not affected. But we need to be able to distinguish pine honey. This is a low-quality product that bees are made on the basis not of nectar and sugary secretions on the leaves of trees. Under the microscope, pine honey has rounded crystals.

Step 5:

Try a few drops of honey to rub his fingers. This will simply be absorbed into the skin and leave a fake lumps.

Step 6:

Check the quality of honey in indelible ink, if it remains blue mark, then this product is defective because it has a high water content. And this is not necessarily the fact that honey is added to water, it is likely too early away from the hives. Such honey - immature and can ferment and turn sour when stored.

Step 7:

Add a small amount of honey a drop of iodine. The presence of starch is found bluish product. But the presence of gelatin reveal aqueous tannin solution. Honey mix with water in the ratio 1: 2 and pour 5 drops of 5% tannin. If there are white flakes, the fake honey.

Step 8:

It is important to be able to distinguish pine honey, because it is a poor-quality product of beekeeping. To this the honey mix with water in equal amounts. Then, for each part of the mixture, pour 5 parts of 96% alcohol and shake. If the liquid becomes cloudy, it indicates the presence of honeydew. And if you will precipitate the honey is very bad, it Pad 25% or more.