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How to determine the freshness of meat

To prepare delicious homemade food, should be taken only fresh and quality ingredients. On that same note, buying meat and poultry? By what features can be determined that they are fresh and not lie on the counter for several days? Try to understand.

How to determine the freshness of meat

Instruction how to determine the freshness of meat

Step 1:

Pay attention to the color of the meat. Meat animals can be all shades of pink to the year, with a white glossy fat. From one to two years - all the nuances between dark and light pink-red, with white shiny fat. If the animal has been more than two years, then the meat bright red, with white frosted fat.

Step 2:

Push your finger on the meat - look how quickly disappear fossa. If the meat is fresh, fossa disappears almost instantly. If the pit is, the meat is not fresh or defrosted.

Step 3:

The films in the fresh quality meat transparent and bright. Cut wet and glossy. Juice flowing from the piece with a cut, clear, red.

Step 4:

If the opportunity to buy fresh meat there, buy a piece of frozen meat. Look at the tendons and fat color on this piece. If the tendon red - the meat has been frozen and thawed repeatedly.

Step 5:

Put your finger on a piece of frozen meat. If left bright red mark, then the meat fresh.

Step 6:

Look at the color of frozen meat. It can be all shades from light pink to maroon. It depends on the age of the animal. The surface of the frozen meat should be brushed and not very bright.

Step 7:

Keep in mind that 1 kg of fresh meat without bones get about 650 grams of the finished product. Of the same amount of frozen meat during cooking will remain 500 g

Step 8:

Buying bird, remember that chicken and turkey have a pink flesh, and geese and ducks - red. In fresh poultry meat is elastic, glossy, slightly damp.

Step 9:

Note the poultry skin. It should be bright, shiny, blue and without zavetrivaniya.