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How to distinguish beef from pork

Pork and beef - meat types, which differ in nutritional value. This means that their use can be beneficial or detrimental, for certain types of diseases. For this reason, it is important to be able to distinguish: pork or beef on the counter. In particular, in color, smell, amount of muscle fibers.

How to distinguish beef from pork

You will need:

Piece of beef and a piece of pork.

Instruction how to distinguish beef from pork

Step 1:

Evaluate the color of meat. If before you slice or cut pink color, then it is pork. Beef color - deep red, as this meat is rich in iron. To make sure that the meat is not tinted, dab the surface of the paper or cloth in white. It should not remain unnaturally bright spots.

Step 2:

Breathe in the smell of meat. The smell reminds veal milk as calves reared for slaughter, obtained as a food exclusively milk. Bovine milk has also smell, but less pronounced. Pork smell less pleasant, but sour or stale odors are not allowed.

Step 3:

Look at the size of the muscle fibers. Since the larger the cow pig, beef muscle fibers also exceed the size of the pork. First of all, it concerns meat adult animals.

Step 4:

Examine the color of the fat, to determine the age of the animal. Juveniles are light-colored fat. The older a pig or a cow, the yellow grease. In the age of the animal and indicates the degree of ossification of the cartilages (blade, on the thoracic vertebrae, the sacral).

Step 5:

Remember that -govyadina meat, pork - having stripping from bruises, disruption of fat, as well as change the color is not permissible for retail sale. It can only be used for processing in the industry.